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First Staffers is your first
choice for efficient and
dependable recruitment.


We’ve served major industry players for over a decade, and continue to do so today. Our
expertise lies in flexible workforce solutions.

When it comes to workforce needs, First Staffers has the solution for you.

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What we do well

HR services Malaysia

Contract Staffing

Qualifying and hiring new staff,
including the management of
their payroll and HR needs

Permanent Staffing / Staffing Services

Permanent Staffing

Qualifying and hiring new staff
to be placed under your direct

Tailored Workforce Solutions Icon

Tailored Workforce

Flexible services including
expatriate staff acclimatisation
and orientation, CRO services,
RPO and candidate validation

What sets us apart

Recruitment Solutions Malaysia

Over a decade of experience in
hiring for major industries

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Flexible tailored solutions

Human resource services

Extended suite of HR and
CRO services

Recruitment Services Malaysia

Dedicated teams and key
account managers for
end-to-end workforce solutions

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Proven service quality

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Client retention

Who we work with

What they say about us

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We have been privileged to have the association of First Staffers’s leadership & management team.

Sugunah Verumandy

Human Resources Director
GE Malaysia

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